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    * Free Domain Names

    There are many Free Domains Names out there which you can always carry over using the Nameservers, so if you are on a budget, consider these domain names:

    And there are many more...

  2. #2 is always one. Before came out. was the top free domain provider. But, now is. But, for free domain names I prefer because you have 100& control.

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    Wasn't .tk the original free domain that everyone was using several years ago?

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    yeah i used to have a domain name years ago. i think they started to put adverts in a frame on there.

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    .tk gives frame redirection instead of full domain management.

    You can't change dns unless you buy the domain
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  6. #6 are not free For Commercial use !

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    Do these domains get indexed by search engines as easy as average domains do?
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    Yes get indexed by the search engines but aren't as good as a .com or .net because there is a higher possibility to be used to spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmister View Post
    .tk gives frame redirection instead of full domain management.
    Yep, that's true.

    Free domains never appeal to me, and I think it's not very professional using one, unless it's for personal use Never knew about them, except for, thanks. Never really looked into free domains.

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    AFAIK if you are using a free .tk domain, anyone can take it if he would just pay for your domain.

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