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    Looking for a UK reseller`

    Hi all,

    New here been looking around the last couple of weeks for a reliable UK based reseller. I'm based in the UK but currently have a dedicated server in the US and looking to move over to a UK host.

    I'm quite interested in what UK2NET have to offer but I've found some bad reviews over the internet about their support and such, can anyone vouch for them? I understand the CEO posts here? Pehaps he could give me any reassurance I need?

    I also looked into heart-internet but they use their own control panel which I feel could cause problems in the long run.

    Here are my requirements:

    Must be able to run Magento ecommerce (I currently have a client using this).

    At least 2000gb monthly transfer

    Storage of 100gb+

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Do you really need 100GB+ of storage? If so, you really need to be looking towards a dedicated server for a reliable solution.
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    I already have a dedicated in the US but looking to move over to the UK. I've been looking at reseller accounts to try and save some money and I noticed that UK2 offer unlimited storage, I would need around 100gb, yes. I know the claim of unlimited storage is probably just a marketing ploy but regardless it sounded like a good offer.

    Thanks for your reply / suggestion.

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    Unlimited does not exist. UK2 have a clause in their terms of services which allows them to suspend anyone using excessive storage space.

    "Customers may not employ posts or programs that consume excessive CPU time or storage space. UK-2 Ltd reserves the right to kill off CPU intensive process."

    If your really using anywhere close to that sort of space and transfer you need a dedicated server.

    I really would try and come up with a budget and specs for a server (managed?)

    As you want to have some growth wherever you go and even if you were able to find a reseller account for this, it wouldn't last very long.
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    Technically I'm not using 100gb at the moment, but I need the room for growth. I have 10 customers assigned 5gb storage and about 10 on 2gb storage. Though these amounts aren't being using in full - it's what I've offered.

    I appreciate what your saying about the resellers, maybe I will look into dedicated.

    Can anyone recommend UK2 as a good company in general?

    What I forgot to mention is I'd prefer somewhere offering cPanel and WHM Billing.

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    cPanel/WHM is pretty standard among shared hosts, do you need a billing syste (WHMCS?)

    I can't reccomend UK2 as I haven't used them, best to look for reviews.
    Ditlev (CEO of the Group) is a good guy though.
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    Yeah I've seen some of his posts, seems a reasonable guy. WHMCS would be pretty useful too, yes.

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    I'd suggest you try and come with a budget for a reseller account that has everything you want and then also a budget for a server (managed or self managed)with reasonable enough specs to do what you want.

    An easy way to think about it is say with a reseller account you get 100GB space, even if they are running 1TB drives in RAID 1, they can only put 10 customers on. So they either need to charge a lot or they don't have the space available and oversell and hope you don't notice.

    It should also be mentioned that it's very unlikely that a single reseller would be able to push 2TB of transfer without using up more than his fair share of server resources or breaking a hosts terms of service.

    In my opinion if you need anything close to 100GB of space or 2TB of transfer, a dedicated is your only realistic option.

    If you had a dedicated at least you would have more control and also be able to offer reseller accounts. Ultimately you would be able to offer your clients a better service.
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    Sound advice Tim, Thanks very much.

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    Funnily enough I'm also looking for a new reseller and stumbled across UK2.NET yesterday. There Reseller Plus package looks perfect, coming in just on my budget at 29.95/mo, but the "unlimited" everything concerns me. The unlimited IP Addresses and unlimited FREE SSL Certificates are two great bonuses with this compay, but surely everything has to have a limit somewhere. If I asked for 500 IP Addresses and SSL's surely they couldn't provide that? The package before unlimited offers 100GB disk space, so surely unlimited much be more than that. But how much more.

    I sent them a support ticket over 24 hours ago to ask them a few questions about their fair usage policy and I have not yet received a reply. I regret setting the priority to "low" now, but you'd think a company as big as their's would be quicker than that.

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    I'm sure UK2 mean unlimited ips as long as they can be justified. I very much doubt many of their resellers use near the 100GB let alone more.

    You can read through their AUP and it becomes fairly clear it's not unlimited. As they state excessive storage space, there can not be excess if there is no limit

    On the other hand as already mentioned UK2 are a big company and Ditlev is a good guy.
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