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    Dedicated Server Available


    I have a spare dedicated server I am looking to rent out..

    Server Specs:
    1u Chassis w/ 2 IDE Hotswap Trays
    2x 40 GB Seagate 7200 RPM Barracuda IV Drives
    HPT37x2 RocketRaid 133 Raid Card
    Drives setup in a raid mirror fashion.
    512 MB Ram, pc133 (Crucial)
    slim cd / floppy
    100 m/b ethernet card (NOT Transfer, just the card)

    I'd prefer to keep its fresh install of Freebsd 4.7 stable, but if you'd rather have your own os, that's ofcourse fine.. however we will help manage a FreeBSD server only.. (help manage meaning remote support, fixing issues)..

    Can optionally install H-Sphere and manage it for you as well.. other control panels are welcome, but go on a 'on your own basis'.

    This machine will be connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2924 via 100 mbit ethernet cable.

    This machine will have its own spot on a remote reboot power box in the need of an emergency restart.. ssh access required to utilize this.

    [About our network]
    OC3 to Verio
    OC3 to williams
    OC3 to FNSI
    OC3 to AOL/Time Warner (Installed, not operational yet)
    Looking into an OC3 to level 3 as well, but no promises here.

    OC3 to building next to us, which has an oc3 to williams as well. (mainly for backup)

    williams is located in the same building as us.

    Battery backups, generators, cooling, all the normal stuff applies.

    Included Transfer: 50 GB's

    Additional Transfer: $1.00 / GB or $250 MEG (0.77 a gig)

    I am looking for bids here, probably around then $150 a month mark.
    Joseph Marcelletti

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    You can choose to reply here or message me on aim via the username "Sprynex"..

    Thanks for your time!
    Joseph Marcelletti

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