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    Question Looking for a cheap dedicated server

    I am currently looking for a dedicated hosting service. For a bandwith hungery site.

    PIII or AMD Atholan atleast 500MHZ
    512KB cache
    512 MB Ram
    5GB+ HD (SCSI or EIDE)
    umlimited bandwidth
    100Mbit Ethernet (OC48 connection backend)
    PHP 4, MySQL, CGI, C++, etc.
    OS: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris

    what is the cheapest price that i can get this.



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    um there is no such thing as unlimited bandwith

    united colo has 500 gigs of bANdwith and a server meeting your needs for 100 bucks a month

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    Check out, they don't have unlimited bandwidth and I wouldn't trust anyone who did offer that. They have a special $0 setup fee for a limited time. Get your server before they are out!

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    Unlimited bandwidth.

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    I don't know the current situation with but you might want to search for some threads about them just so you know what you MIGHT be getting into

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    Originally posted by anile8

    Unlimited bandwidth.
    Nope, UnMetered

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    i'm so sick of these unlimited bandwidth sites

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    hmm.. how long do you plan to have that server? anyone who offers you that server for cheap doesnt plan to stay in business for long...

    plus, you say its a bandwdith hungry site, which means, its getting a lot of hits, correct? so why not get some advertisers and pay for a decent service?

    Side note : unlimited doesnt exist.. time of wake up and smell the coffee
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    As LordLardo mentioned.... there is no such thing called unlimited bandwith. can you use unlimited bandwith.

    LinuxRoot could you tell me onething?
    How much bandwith can PIII500 consume.

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    Can anyone support ?

    I strongly recommend never go with unlimited bandwidth and space because simply they can't.

    I hope everybody will support

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