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    Thumbs up [Review] Knownhost - nearly 2 years


    I thought I'd add my 2-year-review about Knownhost, now that I'm here and researching anyway.

    Well, like so many others, there's practically only positive things to report:

    I have one of the (now deprecated) reseller accounts from Knownhost. Already significant unto itself, inspite of the deprecation of reseller plans, those of us who have them still have them and according to Knownhost may keep them as long as we wish. That's dependable for you! The uptime is absolutely great, service is unparalleled, I truly haven't so far met with such a professional bunch acting so quickly.

    The very few and far in between burps of the server I am on are always resolved so fast, that I ceased to file tickets immediately and just wait. Usually things get sorted out faster than I could file a ticket. A short while ago there was a major outage at the Texas datacenter, and - boyoh - I watched quite dumbfounded how they brought everything back online within the shortest possible time, including one of them giving us a running comment on their forums to keep us notified about progress. That was a real first for me, it truly was a joy being able to get back to clients with *punctual* news on where we stood, instead of having to wait for news until well after the event, as so far has been my experience with other hosts. Absolutely great management of such events!

    Thus - a truly positive experience and I'm afraid Knownhost has now spoiled me regarding how I look at service


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    Glad you like them

    Yes, they've been exceptional for me to (but for personal VPS), a very genuine and good company
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    Hi Tristan,

    yeah - right now I wished they had some "tiny VPS" plan, so I need not shop for another host for one of my clients. It's really a bore, ever since I'm with Knownhost I somehow just shed all that "hosting anxiety". Now I'm back to it again. Sigh.


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    Thanks for the info. Knownhost must rock, just about all their reviews are glowing.
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