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    Good Hosting with UK as data center

    I want a good linux hosting with UK as data center.with good supprt and monthly paying option.I also prefer good FTp speed and good support staff.with maximum uptime.can any body help me?

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    When you say UK data center, are you meaning a host who owns a data center or based in a UK data center? what's your budget? what specifications do you require?

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    Please provide more information about your budget and required space and bandwidth. Anything special that you may need?

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    I believe the OP is looking for recommendations about a good host, so asking for budget, disk space etc does not make sense, since he is not looking for any kind of offers in this thread.

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    I'm in the same position as you, and I've found .
    Based on reviews, they seem pretty good, though slightly more expensive compared to hosts based outside the UK.

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