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    * Singlehop Review - Whismical

    I just wanted to update my old review which I posted a few months ago.

    Sales is amazing, having an AE helps everything as you ALWAYS know who to go to. Jeremy is an awesome AE who is extremely helpful and works hours that work great for me.

    Support times are fast. They surprisingly have been relatively the same speed since last year, even though they have grown a lot in the last year. Their support staff is very personal and friendly. Their network is super fast, I accidentally got put on a Gige port and oh was it blazing fast! Too bad I lost that Gige port when I had the server reloaded, darn you AASP! FYI AASP is their provisioning/os reload system it's really neat because it tells you the status of your reinstall, but took away my Gige port

    Overall, they are still amazing. I really like their staff, they are amazingly friendly and there's a relationship between the customer and the company. It's one that is very hard to find, I know, cheesy, whatever.

    Thank you Jeremy, Alex, Ron, Dan, Zak, Yanko, Will, Chris, Kevin, Eric, Mace, Andrew, and the rest of the Singlehop team.
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    Great review! I always wanted to try SingleHop but I do not have a reason to leave my current providers, haha. I know alot of people have been extremely happy with the overall performance they have obtained at SingleHop. I just hope they don't end up getting to big and lose sight of whats really important... the customers. Best of luck to you and thanks again for the great review!
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    Nice review, best of luck
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    Thanks for the awesome review guys. We have and will always put our clients as top priority any day.
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    Jacob (the OP in this thread) offered a "takeover" server a few weeks ago here on WHT. In an email exchange, he mentioned to me that his account exec at Singlehop, Jeremy Miller, would help with the transaction.

    To confirm this, and ask some questions, I wrote to Jeremy directly at the email address listed on Singlehop's site on 7/9/09 but did not receive a response. Resent it two days later but still no response. I just double-checked the email sitting in my sent box and the address appears correct.

    I don't want to speculate why he didn't respond but I'd thought this thread would be a good place to at least mention it. Certainly I can understand that taking over a server is not the same as "buying/leasing" a server, and my query may therefore have been pushed to the bottom of Jeremy's priorities.

    But I decided I didn't want to take over the server without confirmation from the host. Maybe it was a mail snafu, maybe I should have called them, etc. but I was pretty busy at the time trying to find a new host.

    Of course, none of this means that Singlehop or Jeremy offer poor service to their paying customers. On the contrary, most of what I've read here indicates they are one of the better hosts around.

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    Hello Fork,
    I am sorry about this snafu, but I do not ever remember seeing an e-mail from you regarding any of this.. If I had I would not just simply ignore it as that's not how we run a successful business here. Please do e-mail me again and we can get this straightened out for you.

    I work closely with Jacob Wall, and would like an opportunity to work with you as well
    Jeremy Miller - Account Executive
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    Thanks for sharing your good experience. Hope your experience will continue the same. Keep us posted again.

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    Thanks for sharing such a nice review. @singlehop keep up the good work.
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