hello there
i run a file mirroring site network ( currently 4 site ) and about 2 wp sites and 1 joomla on my vps

i been a vps user for about 6 months now and with 2 gig of ram and 800 gig bandwith i doing good

but starting of this month the sites been amazingly popular all the 800 gig ran out in less than a week
then i upgraded and added yet another 1 TB of BW but still it ran out in 10 days

so i thought it might be time to move to a dede with an unmetered dede port to solve this problem

but the thing i couldnt figure out is how much cpu do i need ?
i mean i thought 2 gig of ram will probably be enough but the cpu i dont really know

my budget is a modest 60$/m but i got a friend who's willing to split the cost of the new server ( making total of 120$ ) so we can create 2 vps's and both work on the rig

any one got any advice on what to get ?

note : i should add that i am not an expert in dede's so some decent support is absolutely needed at the start