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    * please, Advice me plz! i need didicated server with these quality

    i need to rent a server with the following quality:

    intel Duo,Quad2core, or Xion processor
    2G Ram ( with possibility to upgrade )
    8 TB Bandwidth
    windows standard edition 2003

    the monthly price should be about $150 .
    i'l use the server for VOIP (voice over IP )

    i'm looking for stable server,with live support.

    thnx for ur expected advices,

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    I doubt you'll be able to find a stable Windows 2003 Dedicated server with those specs for $150. Let alone the license for Windows 2003 costs $20, the 8TB bandwidth and CPU...

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    * reply

    Sorry to say, but I believe that you need to increase the minimum for your server.

    Because the server itself will cost 120-140$ per month, +20$ for windows and then additional bandwidth.

    Are you sure you need 8TB of bandwidth?

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