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    Local server


    I installed wampserver in the C:/ folder but it isn't working.
    when I am going to http://localhost a blank page is appearing "untitled".

    What can i do ? I used Wampserver before without any problems but now it's not working.

    I tried appserver and I have the same Problem

    Thanks in advance
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    what do you mean "blank page appearing untitled" ? if you don't get a time out or cannot find error then you should check the file you're using there. look at the index file to make sure something is in there.

    but it is difficult for us to see what the problem might be since you are running it on a local server - I've done the same thing before but never experienced a problem like that unless the index file was just messed up to start with.

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    Agreed...if you are getting anything, then it's working. You just need a proper page in your document root. Info posted is very limited if you want real help.
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    Try going into the /www folder and looking to see what index is there (index.htm, html, php, etc) and then looking at that file - if it's empty/blank then that is your issue

    Beyond that, you will need to post more information to receive any kind of really useful help.
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