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    Any experience with

    I'm searching for a webhost to host one of my sites. I came across I did a search on this board but found nothing. Any one have any experience with them? They seem to have cheap plans full of feaures.

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    Well some might say were expensive I don't think we have to many people from WHT but were trying , Lord knows were trying to build a rep here

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    I'm not lying when i say that they are one of the best hosts on the net, some awesome benefits are:
    Great Speeds!
    You'll have the latest server software (they upgrade! ...unlike IPowerweb which still has a very limited Cpanel 3, phantasywebhosting has Cpanel 5.3 Build 3, giving you more control over your website)
    99.9% uptime! (.1% for large updates )
    The best tech support, and friendly staff!
    Daily backups!
    And Lots of extra features to use towards your website

    You will find that they are reliable and should be a example for all hosts to follow!

    -Phil Steward (Client for 4 months)

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    Thanks for the kind comments Phil and were happy , that your happy

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    With out a doubt the best host i have seen. I've been with them since june and there up time is brilliant, always up and very fast servers, they have alot of nice little features too
    Staff are great as far as i can tell, always willing to help
    Since i have been with them i would give them 10/10 ... go for them man, you WONT be dissapointed


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    Having some business dealings with this business i must commend the staff for being really great people to have worked with.

    Always friendly and know about business... And have a goal.

    With this said i would recommend them.

    Kind regards
    Perfect Solutions Every Time! Sydney Based :: Dedicated Servers :: Colocation :: Superior Support::Reseller Solutions

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    Well I am looking for a new host and these guys sound pretty good from what I read here.

    So i guess it's phantasy or or

    All seem to have similiar plans and pricing and same response time on speed tests over at hostpulse, if that means alot.

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    Originally posted by phantasywork
    Well some might say were expensive I don't think we have to many people from WHT but were trying , Lord knows were trying to build a rep here
    Hi phantasywork,

    I checked out you're company and it sounds great. Did I read correctly that you're packages include a pre- installed Invision Board?
    Everyone is entitled to MY opinion.

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    Hello, Invision Board isnt pre-installed, but it can be installed using a One Click Auto-Installer that is in your Cpanel.


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    well looks like I will be testing out your services soon, I hope you are more client friendly than my previous host.

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    thanks for all the kind comments , I don't think anyone will be disappointed if they give us a try We are very grassroots and establish good relationships with all our customers.

    THanks Again.

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    Hm...your header graphic looks copulated.

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    What bandwidth providers are you using?

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    We are located in the Burstnet Datacenter , But we are Also gonna have several servers in the NAC & Global Compass datacenters soon. If you would like more info please visit this page

    Last edited by phantasywork; 11-10-2002 at 09:04 PM.

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    Ok I just signed up

    ready for a test run soon, but my domains are pointing elsewhere at present but not for long

    Update: man that was quick, just got my all set email. looks like this was the type of service I was looking for.
    Last edited by newpop; 11-10-2002 at 08:12 PM.

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    newpop we aim to please

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    ahhhh just be careful posting links back to your site. It kind of breaks the rules around here. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    thanks for the tip Aussie Bob

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    alright, time for my two cents. Phantasy Works is great. i've been with them for a few months, and it's been phenominal. their support is fast, friendly, and efficient, and i have yet to see any downtime. so if you're debating between hosts, i would personally recommend these guys, because they know what they're doing, and they are friendly EVEN with people like me constantly bugging them with silly questions

    well, hope you make a good choice and good luck!

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    Ok, I will give them a try soon. I hope they can install the DBI modules and the DBD::mysql database driver on the server for me!!!

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    DeNasio , we can install any modules that you may need ..just name the ones and we will install them

    Thanks for the kind comment's dmitler

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    Hey, my name is Sean. I have been hosted at PWH almost since the start. It has been the best experience with a hosting company I have had to date. I have been creating, managing and helping out on websites for over 3 years now.

    I have never encountered at host that compares to PWH, they have excellent tech support. Anytime I have posed a question towards them all I have to do is refresh my e-mail inbox 3 minutes later and I have my answer.

    The hosting plans are unbeatable, I have never encountered any downtime with them except once for about half an hour while they upgraded their already lightning fast servers to something unparrellel. They also have a daily back up for your site for peace of mind.

    The custom control panel is one of the best user friendly control panels I have ever worked with. It has tons of auto install scripts, about 7 different web statistic programs monitoring every aspect of statistics for you.

    I could go on, but I think I should let some of the people out their experience it for themselves.


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    Thanks for the kind comments Sean , and keep up the good work on your site

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    So...the infmaous Tim, alleged to have ripped off a number of people here through hosting scams, claims to own

    "we purchased a design known as PhantasyWorks Hosting "

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    lol , that was 6 months ago , yeah we got scamed by tim , nut I care not to dwell on that

    to clear that up tom , did a design tim scamed us and then we resold the design that tim messed us over on me tim has not one thing to do with us and i dont know how we got dragged back into this but I would rather forget about what happened as it's all just a memory.

    Once again we have nothing to do with tim of paradise designs or any of hist pet projects and even posting that in this thread is off topic to say the least.

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    Finally some *good* things about a host, around here it seem's bad overcome the good. Good luck with hosting Douglas, and good luck to those newcomers from wht.

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    Thanks ChickenSteak , we try and thanks for the kind comments
    Last edited by phantasywork; 11-12-2002 at 04:23 PM.

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    [b]phantasy work - [b]

    I have no experience of Tim, and know nothing about him except that he is little liked and allegedly owes money to many people.

    But he casts an interesting web.

    That's why I referred to what he posted in the other thread. If it was off-topic my apologies - but better the matter addressed than left doubtful.

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    Thanks for the kind comment's from everyone and I hope those who are giving us a try here from WHT will post some feedback in the future on how were doing

    Brian I can assure you TIMPD has nothing to do with our company

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    I would like to 2nd that statement.

    No Tim, no way, no how.

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    Just wanted to say , I have been with phantasyworkshosting about a month now and it's been the best hosting experince . These guys are on day or night and have answered questions for me even at 3am with prompt and polite replies.

    I would defintely recommend them if your in need of a new host , uptime has been awesome and the support staff is very friendly and go out of there way to make sure your happy.

    2 thumbs up

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    Thats one hell of a review. Go for it IMO!

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    Thanks for your review Djac, we appreciate your kind words and are glad to have you with us.

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    just wanted to say I signed up with them a few weeks ago and the account was activated quickly and the speed and uptime has been wonderful. I know its a tab bit early , but I think there truely a great host.

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    thanks lookingahost , for the comments.

    It's great to see happy customers but it might help posting a url so people can see your sites too

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    Well they seem to be down at present.... and I've only been with them a short while.

    Anyone know what's going on? I can't even get their site up to register the problem.

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    JenniH ,

    wizard is currently down , we are looking into it now and it should be back up real quick , sorry for the trouble.

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    Well Phantasywork, how much longer is my site going to be down? Also, you might want to look into your phone number, it doesn't work either.

    There has been a considerable amount of downtime lately, is this just like every other host out there, good at first, then they get too big too fast and the uptime suffers?

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    It turned from a hardware malfunction where they had to swap out the HDs into a new server; to an Arp issue with our NOC, it should be up and running very soon. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

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    I do appreciate the communication, that makes all the difference.

    Thank You

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