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    Windows 7: Bsod with two GPU's


    I am running win 7 v.7048 right now, and due to certain problems with changing the date on the computer,
    I went ahead and installed another Win 7 version on one of my other partitions.

    Now, here is my problem:

    The new version (v.7600 x64), doesn't like using two GPU's, however, those two GPU's work perfectly fine in v.7048.
    My GPU's are: nVidia GeForce 9800GTX+, standard clockrate.

    Whenever I try to boot onto the new Win7 system, I get a Bsod, and the error message is something like:

    *** STOP: 0x00000124 +++++ more.

    I removed one of the GPU's, and it would boot just fine, however, when adding the secondary one, it gives me a bsod right after the windows flag. Doesn't matter which way I place them. I've confirmed that it ain't any of the hardware, as everything runs fine with various HW test tools.

    I suspect it's a driver problem, but I've tried a few nVidia drivers, without any success...

    Any suggestions on what to do ?

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    When altering system time/date, there may be conflicts with many things. Security cert.'s, driver dates, etc.

    My guess is that it may have something to do with the driver. Head into your device manager and check the properties of the card having the issues. See if the dates coincide with the date you have set on your OS, as well as your BIOS. If it checks out, try doing a driver rollback, or even installing an older version of the driver.

    Good luck!

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    Which build/release of 7600 did you download?

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    Lot of time, BSOD is because of faulty drivers.
    Once I installed faulty video drivers and messed it up.

    Always kept on thinking what went wrong, then finally came to a conclusion and help from google articles, that faulty driver was a cause, and yes, just after the system boots back after a BSOD, you do get a message from windows that what the cause was. And normally, it says the faulty device driver.

    What I will say is, check for any patches / updates for latest vista drivers / wait for your manufacturer to get you Win 7 compatible drivers.

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    I installed the beta drivers, and it's working with charm now.

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