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    Searching for an Dedicated Server !

    Hello @all,

    I'm interested to buy an stable dedicated server
    for my company but i like it to change the
    WHOIS-Informations and all infos on my company.
    On my website / email adress etc..
    so that someone whois my ip of dedi will
    all my infos be displayed.
    is it possible?



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    It won't be possible how you imagine it; you can however have your information added in there, but a lot of the information will still show the company that owns the IPs.
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    damn so it's not possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbaHosting View Post
    damn so it's not possible
    It is not possible unless you collocate with the DC and buy your own ips.
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    I highly doubt a company is going to do that if you only take 1 server.
    I think you have a better chance if you have multiple servers with them where you have a small IP range on your name. - Online in no time
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    You can get your own Ip addresses, but they will be virtually yours only. To have your own IP, you should have your own system and to be member of ARIN in U.S., or RIPE in Europe. it will cost you a lot and you need to justify the IP address. It isn ot something anyone would do to get a single server. Of course if you want your own brand to be recognized when someone is searching in whois database this is possible when someone is searching for domain whois.
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    Some places SWIP even if you only have 8-16 IPs.

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    SWIP is possible, but I dont think any company would be doing that for just 1 server. Are you going to run a hosting business on it?

    I dont think any of your customers will even ask why your IP is not yours rather your DC's.

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    To change the Whois, just go to the registrar of your domain to change it. As for getting a set of IPs which can be publicly identified to you, you'll need to be part of ARIN, RIPE or APNIC and have a valid AS. IPs might be a little hard to do since we are running out of IPv4, unless you don't mind IPv6.

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