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    * Forum Advertiser Needed

    Hello WHT.

    I am looking for anyone who wants to earn a quick 10 for themselves. The job is repeteive but if your listening to music the time and work flys by.

    The job is simply this:

    1. View a list of just 100 forums, copy each url and paste.
    2. Register on the forum with a set User and Pass which will be given to you and use your own email for any verification required by the forum.

    3. Start a new thread and paste in a 160 word advert.
    4. Keep track of all the urls you have done so I can verify.

    You do not need to reply to any of the threads you made from this point on, simply move on to the next forum and so on until 100 forums are done.

    In total there is roughly over 500 forums that I know of that I would like to advertise on so if your up to the challange you can always advertise on them all and get yourself 50.00. Also there is no rush in making the posts, do it in your spare time at work or school etc, As long as its done correctly and within say 2 days (100 forums) which is more than enough as I done 100 in 1/2 day then thats great.

    There may also be a full time job at the end if we get along etc

    Communication will be done by Skype if you have it or ventrilo or teamspeak, MSN is doable but i like to talk to people rather than typing which takes time lol.

    Note: There may be software out there to help you, i used to know a peice of kit that remembers a set username, password and email, like AutoFormFiller etc and all you do then is type the capacha info in and your done, takes 1 min if that to register

    My MSN IS:
    [email protected]

    I'll have a breif chat with you and if you sound like you can handle the job then it's yours.

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    Added you on MSN, [email protected] Will be a pleasure to speak to you soon
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    Possition filled.
    More possitions will be made later this month.

    Thank you to all!
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    I have added you on msn.
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