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    Magento allows the users to make fair comparisons between the products and thereby, select the one that is best suitable for their needs. Not only this, but all the customers can also make a review of the products that is bought is from here. A review helps the future purchasers to know about a particular product in a proper way and hence, guide them in buying the right product.
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    Good day:

    Over many years, we've found ShopSite to be among the best.

    The code is compiled, it runs fast.

    It doesn't require any special environment to work wonderfully in shared hosting.

    It is very secure, PCI compliant, and VISA PA DSS certified.

    It runs on Windows and Linux.

    It scales wonderfully even on shared hosting not crushing the server in any way when a site is featured on various popular television shows.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    We've used Magento in the past, but without a team of developers with deep PHP and MVC experience, we've experienced some frustration and are leaning towards OpenCart of PrestaShop for a new store that will be offering around 150 items.
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    depends on size and requirements. if its a big ecommerce then u would probably wanna go with something feature rich like magento.
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    +1 for OpenCart
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