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    Red face magento vs oscommerce vs opencart vs which other??

    thanks to all the great people here that helps!!

    what open source store is the best?
    and why?

    what I know:
    magento is great its code is separated html from php and its easier to update

    but it needs too much server resources so sometimes it gets slow

    oscommerce is too hard to understand its code is a mess hard to upgrade and customize but runs quite faster than magento any time

    opencart I was advise that it was agreat option nothing more
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    If you need something powerful and can afford to pay high-performance hosting services, go with Magento Commerce. If you need something simple, light and web 2.0, go for PrestaShop.
    If you need something that everyone uses but are a little "yesterday", go for OsCommerce, ZenCart and/or CubeCart.
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    Magento provide 2 fold feature list for a user need E-commerce website.

    • * Site Management features
    • * Marketing promotions tools

    That is why it is seems to be a little populer.

    However, Zen Cart is also most voted at our forums.
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    You may also look @
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    Take a look at Trading Eye We switched to it from Magento.
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    I believe each e-commerce package has its own advantages and disadvantages. And choice REALLY depends on one's requirements. By the way, there is some comparison chart here:

    I believe the company supports/updates the comparison themselves.
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    One more vote for zen cart its very good and has many addons
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    It is the future

    One thing, don't go with an oversold or slow hosting provider and expect to run Magento. Magento is a pretty heavy script, and requires a reliable and non overselling provider for your website to function at intended.
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    either Zen Cart or Magento. osCommerce is full of bugs (both security and functionally) and hasn't had a stable release for several years now. (they have yet to finalize 2.2, which was at a milestone release back in 2004).
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    I vote for Prestashop - it's optimal combination or Magento (in case you can afford good hosting) If you need to transfer your data try cart2cart service (look up in google) they're pretty good at it
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    Zencart = Pinto assembled by a blind, one-handed dislexic on meth. I just upgraded a store from Zencart to Opencart, and there is absolutely no comparison.

    OpenCart = Nissan GTR with a reliable Nissan engine, and very controllable. Anybody can drive it isntantly.

    Magento = Abused Veyron from ebay. Unreliable engine (buggy) that sucks gas and tires like mad (a.k.a. time, money, developer skills). Can get slightly better track times, but not worth the million dollar price tag IMO. Great if you want an endless hobby car.

    Opencart vs Magento (2012).
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    Magento will be the best choice.
    Easily create, edit, delete, copy&paste categories
    Sort categories by order
    Quick category tree management
    Fast Import/Export categories
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    I actually haven't used any of those mentioned above but a colleague of mine uses Magento and thinks it is probably the best option. Hope that is of some help.
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    +1 to Zen Cart

    Strong security, great support, nice template system, awesome level of categories/products options.
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    Magento is usually the choice, among those you've listed. Depending on your technical ability you can go with the free version, or if you want it already set up for you, go with MAGENTO GO service (w/ the obvious monthly costs involved with managed services like that).
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    Magento allows the users to make fair comparisons between the products and thereby, select the one that is best suitable for their needs. Not only this, but all the customers can also make a review of the products that is bought is from here. A review helps the future purchasers to know about a particular product in a proper way and hence, guide them in buying the right product.
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    Good day:

    Over many years, we've found ShopSite to be among the best.

    The code is compiled, it runs fast.

    It doesn't require any special environment to work wonderfully in shared hosting.

    It is very secure, PCI compliant, and VISA PA DSS certified.

    It runs on Windows and Linux.

    It scales wonderfully even on shared hosting not crushing the server in any way when a site is featured on various popular television shows.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    We've used Magento in the past, but without a team of developers with deep PHP and MVC experience, we've experienced some frustration and are leaning towards OpenCart of PrestaShop for a new store that will be offering around 150 items.
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    depends on size and requirements. if its a big ecommerce then u would probably wanna go with something feature rich like magento.
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    +1 for OpenCart
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