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    php 4.2.3 / phpmyadmin question (raq4r)

    I have both PHP 4.2.3 and the latest PHPmyAdmin installed. However I get an error whenever I try to execute and SQL commands. I've searched the web and discovered that the problem was with the --enable-mbstr-enc-trans with PHP. I have to disable this somehow...

    Does anyone how where and how I might do this?



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    Well... My guess would be put it in the ./configure --blablabla when you recompile PHP

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    make a php file, in it have the code

    PHP Code:
    it might only be info(); if that doesn't work, I haven't used the call in a while. Anyway, you'll get a list of stuff in one of the top boxes that will look like

    './configure' '--enable-mysql'

    or whatever you have there. Copy that to notepad, delete the ' and remove --enable-mbstr-enc-trans then recompile php. If it's not in the list it gives you, then it's not the problem. Hope that helps .


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    New phpmyadmin came out today that addresses my issue. all if working again.



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