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    Hyper VM to VDS Manager Migration = Near Disaster...

    What a mess I got into earlier today...

    I was going to migrate away from HyperVM to VDS Manager and during the "migration" it all went south - nothing was there, no containers existed at all. Luckily, we were able to back out of the upgrade but unable to return back to HyperVM.

    That is fine with us - we are comfortable enough in a CLI world to still deliver effective, customer driven solutions. Whatever you read on the web regarding the "effortless" migration - I say, take it with a grain of salt.

    Now I am stuck looking for a solution that I can roll out on my OpenVZ server with active containers - we want to give our customers control over their VPS...

    Anything out there? Any suggestions?

    Much appreciated!
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    VSControl is being ported to OpenVZ very soon, you might just want to wait until then.

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    Hyper VM to VDS manager is extremely easy, Infact a company on here (not mentioning who) just paid us to move nearly 100VPS for them to VDS manager. Although VDS manager is very new and a bit limited in the features it has, its a very nice CP for VPS's/

    Just need to compress all the containers and recover them into VDS manager, apart from doing little other things.

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    A client of ours is using VDS manager and swears by all the ISPsystem products.
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    you have to edit the config files for some of the VPS in ISP Manager. When imported they dont always come across correctly.

    - ensure that the correct CPU, ram, disk , hostname(ie and not name) are all correct.

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    I would try run the migration on a test host first.
    As most people have said the process is very easy.
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