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    * vePortal Version 1.4 Released - $5.00/month Promo Extended!!!

    Hi All,
    We are embarking on many new ways of development, And within the last 4 weeks vePortal has sold over 400 Licenses, In Celebration of our successful launch we have now Decided that our $5 License deal can be extended further.

    There has also been recent comments of the vePortal project being a "one-man-show" This is an incorrect statement, vePortal was started by both myself and the Lead Developer, We have since taken on a third partner with highly raited programming experience and an Ex VPS Provider using OpenVZ in the Past. vePortal is constantly broardening our horizons and Bug fixes are released daily.

    What do you have to lose at only $5, And a control panel thats rapidly catching up and overtaking competition vePortal is the obvious choice.

    Special Offer Pricing
    Monthly Lease: $5.00 USD
    Annual Lease: $50.00 USD
    Owned License: $75.00 USD (Limited Offer)

    All prices are for Single OR Multiple server licenses and are as low as they ever will be. Once this deal is finished these prices wont be coming back.

    These prices are set until the 24th of July.

    All Licenses Include:
    - Unlimited Support - Email / Live Chat
    - Daily Growing Feature List
    - Full Version 1.4 Functionality
    - FREE WHMCS Module
    - FREE HyperVM Import Module
    - Fully Functional API For Third Party Applications

    This offer is direct from the vePortal Board of Directors and NOT a Reseller Product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VW-Donna View Post
    Owned License: $75.00 USD (Limited Offer)
    These are now selling like crazy! This isn't only a great offer but a huge profit making opportunity, These licenses are being raised back to standard pricing after 10 more sales.

    Thats likely to be within the next day or so at the current rate.

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