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    Nochex or Paypal for Credit Cards?

    Hello guys

    What would be better for accepting credit cards in a shopping cart, Nochex or Paypal? Could you list any significant advantages and disadvantages of these two? Could you comment on this based on your experience?

    Thank you

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    I hope this helps:
    In terms of paypal versus nochex there are several things that have to be considered. Both have transaction fees which you pay to receive payments. The difference here is that nochex charges 2.9% + 20p and paypal charges 1.9-2.9% + $0.30. Therefore paypal is marginally cheaper, and while this is only a small difference when multiplied over several sales it becomes a problem. Also nochex has a signup fee for its business account of 50. This includes a configurable hosted payment page. Paypal though has free sign up for all accounts and you pay monthly for certain services. These services though would not really be required by many small business owners. Also nochex is UK based and therefore on its seller account you can only accept UK payments (you have to upgrade to accept international payments). Paypal though allows you to accept worldwide credit card payments. The only issue here is the fact that paypal charges a small fee for non-US users to withdraw funds to their bank accounts. In terms of personal accounts, both are free to sign up and don't charge for sending money. The only issue here is that nochex is not as well recognised as paypal. In my experience the majority of online business owners process their payments through it and a large percentage of people have personal payment accounts with them. This is a issue in business terms (paypal boasts that using them will boost sales by 14% by opening up your market). While nochex makes a similar claim i doubt that the effect would be as large. On the whole i think both are useful tools but I have to side with paypal due to its lower costs and wider reputation.
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    Right! IMO, Paypal might be the best till now for it has the biggest customer basis is International trade!

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    I never heard about Nochex until I saw this thread.

    Anyway, to answer your question: I would say Paypal. It is the most widely-used payment processor on the internet and has relatively low fees compared to other merchant providers. Furthermore, Nochex seems to only accept businesses from the United Kingdom while PayPal accepts worldwide payment.

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    Same here, never heard Nochex till i saw this topic.... For me, paypal is the best payment processor. The only disadvantage is that they may froze your account anytime at their own discretion, so it's advisable to withdraw available funds you have w/ paypal to your bank account immediately so that in time they'll froze it, then your money is saved. To avoid deactivation on your paypal account, you must comply everything they required by closely monitoring on their e-mail notifications....

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    Paypal is safer. No underlying issues being raised for years now regarding their security. I trust them with my transactions online.

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    Paypal is fine. We didn't experience any problem with it.
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    Nochex is only able to work with UK merchants, however is cheaper to use that Paypal (within the UK) - I use Nochex and accept overseas payments etc. The main benefit is that you get UK telephone support which is a major pull over Paypal. Not to mentions Nochex dont have direct access to my bank account like Paypal do!!! I'd avoid Paypal or have it as an option because users dont like signing up for an account - it makes sense to offer more than one option - users like the choice in my experience.

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