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    How fast is


    I think my server is bottlenecked by

    My VPS has a 100mbps port, but my domain name is with

    Is there anyway to speed test the speed of ?


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    They are a GoDaddy/Wild West reseller. Your choice of registrar (GoDaddy) should not affect your server load times. Where is your website hosted?

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    domain registrar has no relationship with your server speed.

    I don't understand why are you posting 3 links to that site, unless is your own site and you are trying to promote it (spam?)

    there are better registrars than any godaddy reseller, like the one you are posting here
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    What is your VPS ip address and mostly likely your not on the same server as the site that you show us.

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    No sorry I wasn't spamming. It is 3 links to the same IP, but I was wondering if the Domains themselves can cause a bottle neck to the ping speed of the user who use my website as a result of different Domain hosts.

    The VPS is hosted in Kansas City, MO.

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