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    help me

    I only speak Arabic. site no longer works.

    I can not make contact.

    Do you know something?

    Can you help me?

    Figure is ( 5186324450 )


    Technical Contact:
    Goldstein, Shneur
    Veridian Hosting
    383 Kingston Av. suite 226
    Brooklyn, New York 11213
    United States
    5186324450 Fax --

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    Are they not answering your e-mails or something? - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Quote Originally Posted by XeHSean View Post
    Are they not answering your e-mails or something?
    Unfortunately, does not respond to communications

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    Angry Bad Hosting provider and bad owner

    Well I will tell you my experience with veridianhosting. I have more that 8 months with veridian, and in the first month i pay only for a month and the server works fine, and then a take yearly package, and the problem starts 2-3 months ago, when the server was down for a week. They had online support but 2-3 months ago the support was offline, and since then is offline. I contact Shneur Goldstein because i have his phone, about 15-20 times and a get his wife, and after a week the server start to works. I said was a problem how will not apair again, but how its seems this veridianhosting is nothing more then a very bad server with very bad owner.

    Sorry for my English but i thing you got the idea. If is anything that can do to bright down the owner and the server(after we get our dates) tell me because i want part of this.

    Stefan from Romania.

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    Seems that veridian hosting has left this business... I've tried to get in touch with them - without any success also .

    google cache says that the their page is not available from Jul 15, 2009 . Please have a look :

    I've founded their profile here also :

    Let us know about any results with this horrible situation

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    Since this is the 2nd or 3rd thread in regards, all the people that created the thread needs to contact one another. Perhaps if you all do PayPal claims or take other measures you can get your money back. Best of luck!
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    Really sad to see some thing bad like this happening regularly. Only thing to say in contexts like this is to do a very thorough research before sign up with any host. Hope you will get this sorted some how. Best of luck.

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    It is always good to go with a host that has been around for some time, and planing to be around. 10 or so years ago when I was starting out in this business I went through the same thing and it is not fun. where the customer is first
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    Veridian hosing changed name? Really??

    I was interested to join Veridian hosting a while back but went for an other company. This week i was reading on this forum what had happend. I decide to make some research and you guys can check it out, cause things look similar.

    While i was looking for infos about Veridian Hosting, it got me to keserhosting, i found that it was a good lead because the other one sounded jewish. So i clicked on the web site and i looked on the left and there was a customer that was happy about the services he got from this Keserhosting; sooo, they guys company is veridianbusiness and it doesnt work. the other thing is that the infos are similar to Veridianhosting and if you look at the end on the about us page it says...At Veridian Hosting we believe the key to the best business....(i think they forgot to change it..ooops). The other thing they say is that its been since 2004 that they offer hosting, but their domain name is from 2009 and expires in 2010 Veridianhosing they have a domain with Godaddy! They seem to say that they are from montreal, Quebec but on whois it says otherwise. I am not saying anymore, it's up to you guys!!!

    Thanks for ready.

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    Have you contacted them on Keserhosting? They either stole content from Veridian or they are the same company. Just checked the live support at Keserhosting and it's online Got to be worth a try for you guys

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    haha funny, sad tho, yesh, best of luck in the future ;/! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    You are write VeridianHosting = Keserhosting because if you use demo you will see ip: and this is the ip for my reseller account. Mother fu__ !!!

  14. #14 Seems to be down for me aswell.

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    Does anyone contact keserhosting ? They Live Support is not so live, because is not working, and if you send them a message, you will not get any responds.


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    Is starting to work!!! The website works but the WHM and Cpanel is not working yet, but i thing that they steel work on installing them.


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    This is email that I got from iWeb, after contacting them several times. Good news is that WHM is working, and bad... well cPanel for accounts don`t. HDD is 100% full and I`m working with iWeb support what I can. So, people - download your data from FTP whatever you can. This is only 24h offer. I said 100x thanks to guys from iWeb. This is very rare to see.
    iWeb Technologies inc.
    1-888-909-iWEB (4932)


    We will be re-activating the server hosting your website for the next 24
    hours. To be more specific, between July 30th 12h00 until July 31st 16h00.
    This will permit you to retrieve your files and backups.

    At iWeb we care for all customers, if you need any help or if you are
    looking for web hosting. It would be our pleasure to help you in that


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    Sounds a nasty situation :/ Hope all your sites will be up and running again soon
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    Yeah. Good thing for me is that I had only 2 sites there. Everything else was on another server. Didn`t have time to transfer some sites.

    Did anybody reached him on the phone? If so, what did he said? Is it posible that he didn`t had $100 for following month? This was 2nd time that he didn`t paid it. First one was, month or two ago.

    I have paid by card for entire year. Is there anything, that I can do?

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    We will keep the Hard drives after the next suspension so if somebody need a backup, maybe we can work something.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
    Sylvain Delisle
    Community Manager

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    I am the owner of Keser Hosting and would like to explain and make a few points clear. When I started Keser Hosting I purchased a reseller account from Veridian as well as a website skin and template. As things progressed I decided to rent my own servers and set up my own support suite etc etc etc. I am as interested as anybody to find out what happened to this company for reasons similar to everybody else here.
    I would like to categorically state that Keser Hosting has no connection whatsoever with Veridian Hosting.

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    Lol. But on your website apair Veridian Hosting, thats why everyone ask about it.

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    That was because of the template that was set up for me. Believe me I have tried to contact Mr. Goldstein and like everyone else cannot get hold of him. I am just thankful that I moved away from his servers when I did but unfortunately some other people were obviously not so lucky.
    I am sure however he will come to the surface again and when he does....

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