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    IRC - DDoS Filtered - 24/7 Phone/Live - Managed - 3 Months Off - Virtuozzo - US Staff

    EarthVPS - Our VPS' provide professional services to our clients. Recently, we have switched to U.S. based support. All of our technicians reside in the U.S. with English as their native language. We are fully staffed 24/7. We offer 24/7 phone support, live support, and helpdesk support. We do not use any outsourced support companies. Instead, we have assembled a full U.S. based support team. Our VPS plans allow IRC, and we back that up with DDoS protection. We also offer free native IPv6 on demand with all of our plans! All plans include true fully managed services. We are not just a company which offers managed services to bring in clients, we actually keep our promise. That is why we back our statement with a 1 hour response time guarantee and a 24 hour resolution time. If you're looking for a reliable non-oversold VPS company, then EarthVPS is for you. EarthVPS uses Virtuozzo and we include the Virtuozzo Power Panel with all packages. You may use the coupon code below to receive 50% off any plan your first month;

    Coupon Code: 50off

    Prepaid Discounts

    Prepay 2 Months: 1 Month Free!
    Prepay 4 Months: 2 Months Free!
    Prepay 9 Months: 3 Months Free!



    Plan 1 - 5 GB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth
    128MB Ram, 256MB Burstable Ram
    Click to Order

    Plan 2 - 10 GB Space, 300 GB Bandwidth
    256MB Ram, 512MB Burstable Ram
    Click to Order

    Plan 3 - 25 GB Space, 500 GB Bandwidth
    512MB Ram, 1024MB Burstable Ram
    Click to Order

    Plan 4 - 50 GB Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth
    1024MB Ram, 2048MB Burstable Ram
    Click to Order

    Plan 5 - 100GB Space, 2000 Bandwidth
    2048MB Ram, 4096MB Burstable Ram
    Click to Order

    There are many OS choices and control panels available, pricing will be listed on the order page. Add-ons to your package may be purchased by opening a ticket.



    If you would like to test our network, please use the test IP below;

    Please do not use the EarthVPS main website for testing purposes as it is hosted on a different datacenter.
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