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    Solid Partner Wanted for Web Hosting Business

    I am looking for a partner to start a web hosting business.

    The following are the requirements:
    1. You must have the will and drive to succeed.
    2. Have a strong business mindset, with the ability to think on your feet.
    3. Must reside in the U.S. (Midwest is preferred, as I am looking for someone nearby).
    4. Bachelor's degree is preferred.
    5. And of course a solid background in hosting.
    6. Be willing to split costs and/or provide capital.

    I have organized and planned much of the start up processes, however it would be great to get someone on board to start this up with.

    I've run several successful web hosting businesses and I'm looking to start fresh.

    If you are interested please reply / PM me.

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    interested but I am not in US

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    I am not in US but you'll surely feel great after talking to me.....

    Have a try on me

    Thank YOu

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