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    * Advertising in exchange for a small design

    My friend need's a fan site design OR a gaming site design, and he asked me to help, but since i dont have time, ill ask you guys.

    I wont go to so much detail what the designs should be, instead ill explain what you will get in return.

    - 2 months a banner at ad rotator (note its only 4 days old forum, but we have lots of members, and a huge amount of posts)

    - 2 a sticky in all of the forums, at

    - My personal thumb up
    - And a happy customer

    Im defently NOT looking for a very fancy designs, so it wont be such a hard job.
    If you are interested pm me, icq me, or reply here with LINKS TO SOME OF YOUR WORK, and any other stuff you feel is necessary.


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