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    httpd not working

    I just got apache installed on my box and the process is running. However when I enter my ip address on firefox, nothing loads up and I get a timeout error. Anyone here knows whats the problem?

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    Timeout Error?
    Sounds like Firewall is blocking port 80.

    Turn off Iptables for a while and then try?
    service iptables stop
    If it works, then you have open port in firewall

    Ps:I am assuming you have configured http.conf,hosts and other things correctly

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    do telnet localhost 80

    netstat -plant | grep :80

    This will tell you if httpd is running or not.

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    Turned off iptables which did the trick. But strange thing is when I checked iptables it already had an entry for forwarding port 80 however when I turned it back on, I get timed out again.

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    try to flush your iptable rules
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    If still does not work, Post your rules here.

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    May be try to clear your cache. Also try accessing by another browser IE or google crome.
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    Flushing iptables did not work at all. Anyways, the problem's been fixed. A friend of mine wrote a customised iptables file for me and everything's fine

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