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Thread: Requests on WHT

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    Requests on WHT

    On WHT-AU there is a section setup specifically for hosting requests. It's very useful and personally we have profited from the interactions. On WHT requests by posters isn't allowed and offers from hoster definitely not allowed (apart from the offers section). Is there any reason WHT doesn't have an offers section? At the moment most host providers are restricted to making 'helpful' comments on posts in hope that their signature gets noticed.

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    WHT had a request only section, but then it became like a fish market, so it was pulled off.
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    I think they still have this in the AU site because there are a lot less providers in Australia.

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    I would have to agree with Andrew. Australian bandwidth costs way more compared to US bandwidth. This is the reason behind why there are less Australian hosts - people would just rather save money and buy US hosting.

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    This issue has been discussed for many times now. I recommend you to use the Search feature to check on past threads regarding this and there are some very recent discussions about this as well.
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    It was messy. With the increase of hosts since that was last implemented here, I can only imagine it would be even more so.
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    This was the "implementation" thread.
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    Hi, How about minimizing Time Wasters and complete 1000 posts per thread, By having a pay to able to post to the thread maybe another kind of membership even bundle it with say corporate membership?
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