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    Drop down menu BUG in IE..

    Hello everyone,

    I made a CSS based drop down menu for my website. It's working fine on every navigator but I have a little bug in IE.

    The child-menu are moved to the right for some reason.
    Here's how it look (my cursor is on "Classifications")

    Here's my CSS's :

    /* Drop Down Menu */

    #navigation .child-menu {
    height: auto;
    overflow: visible;
    position: absolute;
    top: 25px;
    width: 209px;
    z-index: 79;

    .ie #navigation .child-menu{

    .ie #navigation .child-menu {
    height: auto;

    .ie6 #navigation .child-menu {
    height: 1%;

    #navigation .child-menu ul {
    height: auto;
    padding-bottom: 2px;

    #navigation .child-menu ul,
    #navigation .child-menu li,
    #navigation .child-menu a {
    background: transparent none;

    #navigation .child-menu ul,
    #navigation .child-menu li {
    float: none;

    #navigation .child-menu li {
    border: none;
    display: block;

    #navigation .child-menu li a {
    display: block;
    padding: 10 20px;
    width: auto;


    #navigation .child-menu a:hover {
    border:1px solid black;

    #navigation li:hover ul, #navigation li li:hover ul, #navigation li li li:hover ul, #navigation li li li li:hover ul{

    Anyone have any idea? Thanks alot!
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    .ie #navigation .child-menu{

    Thread can be deleted. Thanks

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