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    130 - 7 month review

    Having recommended a number of times on this forum, I though it was about time that I posted a review. Time passes quickly, having been with them now for just over 7 months. I started off with a shared account but moved over to a reseller account. I don't do any reselling, I just wanted individual cpanel accounts for my websites.

    I list my findings below.


    Support is always very fast, very friendly and they know what they are on about. No pasting of preformatted answers here. On the few occasions I have contacted support, I've always had an answer within 10 minutes, even to things marked low priority. What's nice is that nothing seems to much trouble.


    In the 7 months I have been with them I have only ever noticed one short period of unprogrammed downtime. Again what was nice is I was emailed with the reason and an appology, I was kept informed. Any maintenance is notified in advance, but this has been only required once.

    I have noticed with some other providers that when loading your site, you get little, quite frequent periods when your site isn't available for a second or two. Or you check your email and the server isn't available for a very short while. I used to find this annoying. With EZPZHosting this just doesn't seem to happen.

    Speed / Server Load.

    The UK server I am on shows 4 cpus on cpanel, I've checked it quite frequently recently with this review in mind and it shows on average a load of about 1.4

    Perhaps what matters more is how sites load. One of my sites hosted with them, has quite a few pictures with some videos. Even with all the pictures it loads very crisply indeed. The flv files (videos) always stream smoothly with no problems at all.


    All the standard cPanel features, plus one or two very nice little extras.

    Firstly when it comes to script installation they offer Fantastico and Installatron. Not that many hosts offer Installatron, which in my opinion is better by miles than Fantastico.

    They also offer Ruby and PostgreSQL databases. You can also modify some php.ini settings, such as php max upload etc., which some hosts don't allow.

    For resellers they offer end user support, master reselling, WHMCS or ClientExec etc.

    As I don't want to be accused of turning this review into an advert, perhaps I had better stop there. I'll just mention the Disk Space and Bandwidth allocation, which for the prices quoted are spot on in my opinion for todays market.

    In Conclusion.

    I wound't have gone to the trouble of writing this review if I wasn't very happy with EZPZHosting. If your looking for reliable, good UK hosting give them very serious consideration, you will not be disappointed.

    As a footnote, they have also now started offering hosting in the US with exactly the same features. I've just taken out a US account, so I will review that in a few months time and also give an update on how the UK hosting is going.

    UK domain for verification -
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    That's a very wonderful report, Always great seeing good feedback on providers, Great Work EZPZhosting keep up the great work, Thanks for the review fishforcarp also keep us updated. Great Work - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    Thanks for the very well written review. Glad to hear about the impressive service they have been providing you. Keep us posted again and also update regarding their US hosting as you said.

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    Yeah, EZPZ is pretty good...They have some pretty darn quick responses/resolutions.

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    Excellent Review, EZPZ are quite active through this board and I am happy to hear a wonderful review by one of thier clients, Always nice to see and hear about them.

    Great work EZPZ. Best Luck to Client and Company for the Future.

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    Nice review. Glad to see you happy with their service. Thanks for the review.
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    Thank you for your review fishforcarp - glad to hear you are happy with the service. Let us know how things are going in another 7 months
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    Great review and I agree. Was just about to post a review here.

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