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    Question I'm new - Which IP do I use?

    I purchased my first dedicated server with Rapidswitch yesterday.

    It's not built yet but they seem to have already allocated my IP addresses. I am going to use Platinum Server Managment to manage the server (because I dont't know squat about this). When I sign up at Platinum Server Managment, they ask for the server IP.

    Rapidswitch shows all of these IP addesses, and I'm not sure which to send to Platinum Server Managment:

    Interface: OB1
    IP Addresses: [IP ADDRESS]
    Subnet Mask: [IP ADDRESS]
    Default Gateway:[IP ADDRESS]

    All Interfaces
    DNS Servers: [IP ADDRESS]

    Which IP do I send them?

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    Under OB1, send the IP address there. If you have several IP addresses, use the primary one they assigned your server with. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    IP Addresses under Interface: OB1 should be all you need to send them, as that sounds like the primary IP for the server.

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    If you are ever in doubt again, you can just send them all that info and they would know which is which. But yes, Bikster is absolutely correct.
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