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    A way to send out more tahn 500 e-mails per hour?

    Right now I have reseller hosting thru HostGator. They limit to 500 e-mails per hour to be sent out from a hosting acount (which I can understand to stop spammers).

    However, I like to send out a notification to my members that are registered to the site and I was wondering if there is a way to get around this. I fear not

    Just thought I'd ask for some input/feedback.

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    Unfortunately, I believe since you are on a reseller account, your email flow is regulated by the server. You will not be able to change it. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    You could use a script that supports sending a limited amount of emails per job, but depending on how you work you might find that either too time consuming or difficult to implement.

    I haven't really looked into it before, but you can probably pick up an account with a more specialised host or service provider that'll allow you to do this.

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    I have a few ideas you could go for to get round this:

    1) You could create a PHP etc script to send the emails out (as Btcc22 said) or buy one such as:
    2) Upgrade / move to a VPS or dedicated server where you are allowed to send as many emails as you wish on your own systems
    3) Go with an email sending company that you pay to send emails (average 1.5/5p per email)

    Hope this helps, just some ideas

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    You could move to a VPS, which you may set the limit of emails going out per hour. If you do not have the money, you could go find another shared host that allows unlimited emails sent out an hour.

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    Right now i have a script that sends to 475 subscribers an hour.. but the problem with this is that it's almost taking a full 24 hours to get the email to every members inbox.

    I don't want to pay per e-mail because that will be expensive if I'm sending frequest e-mails out.. dedicated is probably too expensive.. what is VPS?

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    VPS stands for virtual private server and it's basically a service that gives you a portion of server resources to use to run your own applications on.

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    Ya id speak to your provider, sometimes they have limit's set globally to prevent spammers, but if they know what kind of site you have they might understand and allow it, speak to them, if they wont allow it check out another host or a VPS goodluck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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