Hello everyone, I'm posting this thread because I want to make sure hard work doesn't go unappreciated.

I recently PMed Jon from HostMediaUK/AeonCube Networks asking for him to integrate WHMCS into my site to make it look more presentable. Yes, I know dozens of people and companies offer this service on here, but his speed and quality is why I'm posting this thread.

Here's the timeline:
3:27AM: I PMed Jon after viewing his thread.
3:31AM: Jon replied with the answers to my questions along with the details to get the process started.
3:42AM: I e-mailed him the details.
6:05AM: Jon e-mailed me a preview.
7:11AM: Payment for services sent.
7:27AM: ZIP file received.
Elapsed time from first PM to completion: 4 hours.

This wasn't my first time purchasing a WHMCS integration service, but this was the fastest turnaround AND the cheapest price I've ever encountered. The job was done exactly how I wanted it and even with a speedy turnaround there were no corrections or edits required after viewing the preview and after installing the template.

I highly recommend Jon if you're looking for a quality WHMCS integration on a budget, hell, for the price it's cheaper then the time you would probably invest doing the integration yourself.