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    The way to by dedicated IP addresses 2000-10000

    What is the easiest way to buy 2000-1000 dedicated ip addresses?
    USA addresses are preferred. Searching for the easiest and cheaper way.
    I can register a company for this if needed.

    I live outside US.

    thanks in advance.

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    Dedicated IP's in large quantities aren't easy to get hold of these days due to shortages..

    You're best getting in touch with ARIN..
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    You're going to need a (valid) reason for having those IPs. You most likely don't have one.
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    Yeah ARIN are running out of ip's so now they audit almost all DC and allot only required ip's and monitor if they are being used or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinAY View Post
    You're going to need a (valid) reason for having those IPs. You most likely don't have one.

    And those hosts that quietly engage in allowing this to happen ought to be sanctioned. If not ...
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    Nowadays, ARIN is running out of IPs. So its going to be very hard to get such a big amount of IPs.

    Also, with the ARIN justification requirement, you probably won't be able to get so many IPs without filling out so many forms, and you most probably don't have a valid reason.

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    Even tho I think he's clueless...

    He never said they have to be ipv4 addresses :p

    I'm sure any ipv6 ready host would happily give him 18446744073709551616 ips.

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    Dude what could you possibly need all those IPs for? The only way to use that many is if you have a datacenter with tons of servers in it - which I doubt you have if you are asking such a question. You likely need to re-evaluate your needs because that many IPs is overkill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbbrock1 View Post
    Dude what could you possibly need all those IPs for?
    Mostly, spamming :-)
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