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    top usage over constant 48/72 hours


    I am wanting to get access to 'top -c' for a period of 48/72 hours.
    Now I have found the following
    top -c -b -d 15 > top.txt
    What this does is every 15 seconds add reply 'top -c' to top.txt

    Now I can make this into a shell script then put it into the background and exit SSH while leaving it running.

    Now the question is will this use much usage/server load over the 48/72hrs, it will be checking 4 times every minute.
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    May I ask what the purpose of running "top" 4 times a minute for up to 3 days is? What is your intention here?

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    I am trying to find out what if I have got a possible load issue, or if it something else.
    With top it will tell me what running, what cpu usage, memory usage, wait, etc...
    I thought this would be the best as I am not around all the time.

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    Dear dolphinecho,

    Running 'top' command simultaneously might raise the server load a bit.

    Let the OS decide the priority in which the top command should be executed.

    Use "nice top -c -b -d 15 > top.txt" instead.

    P.S: 'nice' runs the given COMMAND with its niceness adjusted.

    Running 'top' command 4 times a minute prolongedly isn't a good idea for a busy server, try scheduling it efficiently.

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