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    RedHat 8 Simple Question

    for the weekend, a friend and i are jsetting up a machine with redhat 8 and apache just for personal use..

    its going well everything is working well

    however, locally on the machine al is fine, we can run http://localhost see everything

    but other computers on thje network we cannot see the machine at all, other windows servers on the network work fine butour machine can nnot be accessed by the IP

    ping IP works

    but http://ip works
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    Did you setup apache correctly? You could have possibly only allowed your localhost to access Apache thus preventing anyone else on the network from accessing it. Also, in the default security settings you might have blocked httpd access.

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    Have you set the subnet mask correctly?

    type ifconfig to view your IP settings. The IP address should be different from the other computers, but within the same subnet range, and the subnet mask should be identical to the other computers on your LAN.
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    Also, I remember Redhat 8.0 install has an option for firewall. Make sure you have selected to allow http access.


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