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    Post Problem with bandwidth metered by LunarPages and cPanel, so looking for a new host


    right now I have a dedicated server with LunarPages. It's a Dedicated Server III with the following specs:

    Dual Xeon 2.80 Ghz with Hyperthreading
    2 GB RAM
    2,048 GB monthly bandwidth
    Linux CentOS 4.7 with cPanel
    3 IP addresses (server IP and two nameservers)

    Right now I'm paying 255$ per month.

    As of lately, I've got a problem with LunarPages. I control bandwidth via cPanel and LunarPages controls it with their own switch connected to the server.

    cPanel measured around 700 GB transferred per month during the last months that it's alright according to the historical usage of my server that just hosts a vBulletin forum with around 10,000 daily visits and picture attachments as thumbnails.

    But Lunarpages measures around 2.5x that (1,800 GB) and they haven't given me a detailed explanation about this discrepancy between cPanel and their measurements.

    As far as I know my server has not been hacked and there hasn't been any DDoS against my server. After five months, with the same 10,000 daily visits (+-10%) bandwidth consumed that it's measured by LunarPages keeps growing and I don't know what to do because they don't offer me any explanation or details about this. I don't know if their measurements are wrong or not.

    I used to offer the picture attachments as full-size photos and then converted them to thumbnails in order to keep bandwidth controlled. When doing this, cPanel measured a change of bandwidth consumed from 60 GB to 20 GB daily (a third), but this wouldn't be reflected by LunarPages measurements and they haven't given me any reason for this.

    So I've decided I have to change webhosts before my forum exceeds those 2,048 GB that limit the bandwidth consumed per month.

    I would like to pay around the same per month, including a more generous monthly bandwidth and a better and newer server with a Core2Duo. Unmetered bandwidth would be a plus so I don't have to be worried about bandwidth anymore.

    Also I would like a new webhost with cPanel too so I could transfer my account from one server to the other (it would be a 70 GB transfer with old attachments from the forum).

    I've seen FDC Servers that offer unmetered 10 Mbit/s dedicated servers, but I would like to know more reliable offers.

    Thanks for any advice solving this problem or choosing a new webhost and best regards,
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    You should easily be able to find a C2D/C2Q+ / 4GB /w cPanel for your budget. I would take a quick peak at the offers section.

    Good Luck!
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    Hello, should also be able to look at some quad cores in that price range, with 10mbps unlimited. Another thing if you stay with centos, make sure they go at least 5.2 or 5.3, 4.7 is quiet out dated.

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    That seems rather expensive for a dual CPU server with such low RAM and HDD space.

    Definitely check out offers section.

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    cPanel doesn't measure bandwidth well look at alternatives like Munin

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    Check out Limestone Networks. They have a special Quad Core Q9650 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 10000GB bandwidth for $179

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    Yes, even if you move, don't expect the bandwidth measurement issue to go away. Measuring at the switch port will certainly be the most reliable measure of traffic, so that is what you should always go by, your host should give you regular access to this data. cPanel is NOT a reliable measure of bandwidth utilization, as there are many services it simply does not monitor at all, thus you should never base your server bandwidth utilization numbers on cPanel.
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    As KarlZimmer said, taking measurements at the switch port is the most accurate method of determining traffic usage. Unfortunately you don't have access to their infrastructure to do that, so do the next best thing, measure the traffic at the NIC of the server

    You can setup SNMP to measure in/out on eth0 (presumably) and poll the server ever 5 minutes (just like they do)
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    Take a look at Gigenet ( - they've got good pricing, and would definitely fit your needs.

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