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    PhotonVPS -- how's their 2GB Plan?


    Anybody been with PhotonVPS? Care to share some thoughts and reviews? Im currently with, but they've been acting weird recently, so I'm thinking about switching... I am on a 2GB Ram plan right now. Im concerned with HDD speeds. How's the HDD speed at PhotonVPS?

    Thanks also if you have a 100mb test file, i'd be really cool to test it.

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    May I know what you mean by weird? I have talked to Jon about this and there doesn't seem to be a reason for WiseDedi acting weird...
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    have you tried contacting them? I'm sure they have a speedtest somewhere

    Good luck.
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    They have, but the DC is in LA, I needed at least MidWest. Mod please close this thread, I'm not looking for VPS anymore. Thanks.

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