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  1. easyslider alternative

    Hey everyone. I have recently finished designing an iphone game development layout and decided to use jQuery for handling content.I successfully implemented the Coda slider effect from JQuery for designs and the easyslider plugin as well. The Coda slider is responsible for handling the menu, and the easyslider is used for testimonials .Everything works fine, but I found out that the easyslider effect was calling activex controls in IE. I am unhappy with the result because i do not see why it needs to do that, when coda slider work perfectly without calling anything. Does anyone know how to bypass this issue with easyslider, or if there are any suitable alternatives? I have yet to find an automatic content slider.

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    Hello i currently have the same problem and am also using easyslider, a jquery plguin.

  3. You will be happy to know than that i fixed it ^^ if you pop open jQuery in your editor, and search for xmlhttpheaders you will find the developer comment that if IE fails to get this than request activex controls. From what i know, this plugin doesn't need it, so i just removed the call for activex and all of my scripts are fine . It might ruin other scripts that need it though, although i dont understand why you would want such a script

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