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    Easy Multi-Domain Hosting Software?

    I own about 50 domains currently, and I would really like to find a solution provider who could provide easy, effective, coordinated management of multiple domains.

    I've been using eApps for a couple of years now; they provide a fairly standard hosting arrangement with a control panel, which requires many "simple but time-consuming" steps to set up each domain, one at a time. Then I need to go in and set up email for each domain, one at a time. And then, and then, and then...

    If I decide to add 12 new domains this week, I'll need to walk through that same cumbersome series of steps 12 times.

    This week I tried (but abandoned) HostGator, which has a control panel that's functionally pretty similar (different enough to require re-learning, and requiring special configuration steps that I'd need to carefully document if I ever hoped to replicate -- but without any discernable advantage).

    Am I really the only customer who would like to manage all my domains (or groups of domains) "in sync," without being forced to manually re-configure each domain using multiple steps (via a control panel that makes it very easy to make mistakes that are very difficult to diagnose).

    Over the past 14 years, I've had at least a dozen different shared-hosting accounts, VPS accounts, and dedicated servers in multiple colocation facilities -- I'm not looking for the "cheapest" solution, but the most effective.

    Please: if you are aware of a multi-domain hosting solution that would allow me to more efficiently set up and administer my domains, I would really, really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

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