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    Hi Diligent, I'm a little concerned about the responsiveness of your techs and/or salespeople.

    On Saturday morning (5 days ago), I posted a few questions to your support ticket system (ticket ID 773219). I haven't heard any response since then, and there's no response on the ticket system.

    feel free to test our support before signing up! We know our quick answers make our customers happy
    ==> Yes, potential customers such as myself like asking questions of a prospective webhost, because we like to know if anybody's listening. As much as I'm frustrated with my current webhost, they've never taken that long to resolve an issue, let alone respond...

    Toll free phone support
    ==> It would help a prospective customer's opinion if you posted the support telephone number(s) on your website. My current host claims to have toll-free phone support, but (ever since I signed up) the support line has a recorded message telling me to email them. Do you have a toll-free support number? Or contact info? Or even a local phone number? Or is it client-only information?

    Do you plan on responding to the questions that I asked via your support system? If it didn't get lost in your system, I would genuinely like to hear back. =)


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    Hrrm, after a wonderful looking post, then to hear this, not soo good, hopefully they get back to you soon, but kinda a bad start i would think if it was me, are there others ways of contacting them, id try all methods, maybe the monitor certain ones mostly , although all tickets should be priority, hrrm not sure, Best of luck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
    Live Chat sales/support on website
    WHMCS billing system and client login We care about everyone!

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    Sorry for the delay, there was a support delay as we revamp and train our new sales support staff and solve a database issue that caused support tickets to go unanswered for a few days. This is not a typical situation and is something we are working hard to fix. Most times, support tickets will be answered within minutes.

    The toll free number is provided to customers for tech support related issues, the number is not released to public because we don't use it for sales support.

    Your ticket should be answered soon, sales staff is working overnight to answer all sales tickets, Canadian hosting based on high-availability w/ 24/7 bilingual (French) support & 100% uptime -> Toll free phone support
    cPanel/WHM 11 + Fantastico, PHP4&5, Private nameservers, Unlimited domains & features, Self Serve DNS...Shared / Reseller / VPS / Dedicated | - Come join our new webmaster forum!

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    Hi Diligent,

    I did indeed receive a reply to my questions shortly after you replied here in the forums. The reply was excellent, but one of my questions about network uptime guarantees was directed to the TOS-- I've quoted it below.

    Network & Power uptime guarantee - If we do not meet our uptime policy, we will give a one month credit to the affected accounts for every 15 minutes of downtime. This guarantee is in no case applicable, without being limited, to unavailability caused by hardware or software malfunctions, to planned maintenance activities or to any event that is not directly under DILIGENThosts direct control.
    On July 27, I sent a follow-up question on the same ticket. It's now been a week, and no reply. The question that I asked was in relation to the power and uptime TOS: can you give an example of what sort of an incident the TOS might come into action?

    (from a customer's perspective, the TOS reads like there is no guarantee at all, despite the printed 100% uptime guarantee)...

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    No response for 8 days now from diligenthost


    I have been happy with the service till now:

    All my sites are down for 11 days now,(displaying account suspended page) I have sent numerous emails and tickets to sales and tech deps. I have received one response 9 days ago:

    "The invoice has been reviewed and billing system updated, for some reason PayPal's IPN (instant payment notification) didn't notify our servers that the invoice was paid, therefore the billing system was never updated.

    The transaction has been attributed to your account and should now be unsuspended."

    Day after on the 25th Aug all my sites are suspended again, and no response what so ever.

    Maybe if I post it here they will respond?

    Btw: their toll-free number - no response as well.


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    Hi Bart,

    Thanks for posting your experience-- Diligenthost never replied to my follow-up message, so I decided not to host with them-- your message reinforces my decision!

    I signed up with Stablehost. So far so good, but it's only been a week.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your replay Melchor!

    I am thinking of switching as well, however I am not able to even access my cp or anything to get my files back;(

    So for now I'm stuck till someone will actually respond and fix this issue...


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    I learned that lesson a few years ago when somebody hacked my website-- if you have a database, or if you don't keep your site files on your PC, always do weekly backups-- you never know what might happen to the host's backups, or their backups may only cover the host's entire server, and not be recoverable for a single site. Or, as you've now learned, your host may screw you...

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