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    Hello there,

    Well - I figured I would spread the news about my experiences with hosting at

    I signed up with them about two months ago (my domain is and have had a very pleasant experience so far. To put it simply - everything has just worked. There has been no downtime that I'm aware of - and the one time I did need to submit a ticket I received a response in....yup, two minutes. Now THATS support. I've definitely experienced a lot worse.

    There is not too much else to say because I haven't had any bumps in the road yet. Keep up the good service!
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    Well I think it's good to hear that with so many web hosting companies actually neglecting their support systems and services that the one you have found does honour its promises and helps you when you need it.

    Also, its good to hear that your having a good experiance with your host even with the old credit crunch really hitting companies at rock bottom these days.

    Good luck!
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    Well..somebody is getting better service!

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    Can I ask out of curiousity how you come across Penecta?
    They registered in March 2009 and are just quite curious?
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    I know the staff that runs Pencenta, they are nice guys.. never used their service but if its anything like their attitude, then I expect to see a lot of reviews like that.
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    Glad to see you are getting some thing nice from your host. Thanks for sharing your experience. Come back again in a couple of months to update us again. I also would like to know from where you find then, just for information only.

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