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    Good Dallas ServerBuilders?

    Someone knows a good Dallas Store that builds gear/server or sells computers part?

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    Any specific reason you need the vendor to be in Dallas? There are several good providers in the US who can ship servers to Dallas for about $25 or so, check out:

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    for computer parts I'd recommend newegg - although they aren't in Dallas, they ship very quickly. I ordered parts for the last computer I built about 2 weeks ago - got here the next morning from their NJ warehouse - you'd probably get it from their Cali

    as for builders that actually builds the machines for you, I'd check out what jason provided above, I never looked into any other companies that do that since I've been making my own machines for years.

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    Its not the shipping price but the time. I need parts to be fast in Dallas, hours, not days.

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    Call Rick at American Communications. They have a local RMA and distribution department off Freeport Parkway. (972) 929-4622 #331

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