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    Best offers at the moment?

    Hi All, Ive been searching for a host and did a quick comparison of the offers on at the mo:-

    1and1 - 4.99 for 9 months, 0 for 3 months = 44.91 for a year.
    Includes 1.5GB and 1 domain name and 12 pages

    Fasthosts - 4.99 for 9 months, 2.49 for 3 months = 52.33
    Includes 2GB, no domain name

    BT - 2.99 for 12 months, was 5 = 35.88
    Includes 5GB and 1 domain name and unlimited pages

    Streamline - 5.99 for 9 months, 2.99 for 3 months = 62.88
    Includes domain name and unlimited webspace

    Interesting! Nice to know there are lots of deals out there.

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    Don't streamline have a 50% sale at the minute? (i'm sure they have an advert plastered all over the .net magazine saying so!).

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    Yeah thats what I thought but when i went on their website, its only 50% off for 3 months!! Poor!

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    Not as good as the advert makes it sound then.

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    i wouldn't advise 1&1 - I used to have domains with them and they gave me such a headache when I wanted to transfer out - yahoo was the same

    can't comment on the others since I have no exp with them. but you should sit down and take a look at how much space and bandwidth you need and work on a budget - then shop around the offers section. just don't go for the cheapest offers with the largest space and bandwidth deals - you could be falling into a trap

    good luck

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    So far I have heard that 1&1 are really good at their support and general services. Also quite a few people have put forward UK2 when I have enquired about web hosting and the like so you may want to have a meander over to their site and see what offers they have I hear theres quite a few of them. Equally you can also look in the hosting offers part of WHT im sure there are plently of people thatll gladly give you a decent deal with everything you'd get with an international company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrywilliams View Post
    So far I have heard that 1&1 are really good at their support and general services.
    I have heard the opposite.

    Either way, I would worry less about the price, and more about the quality. Also, most sites use less than 1 GB, so I would not let high amounts of disk space be a factor in choosing.
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    You should search reviews before buying hosting service or experience them yourself.

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    It is advisable to do your homework before signing up with any host.

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    I would stay away from 1and1. Their control panel is not good. Sites load very slow (when I was with them two years ago)

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    Cheap, is not necessarily reliable, secure, or accomodating.

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    Agree with some of the fellow members in this aspect. You should not decide only by looking at offers; if you are interested in quality service. You must check about the providers first and then only comes the offers IMO.

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    1&1 havnt much impressed me with their cPanel and slow speed

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