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Thread: domain setting

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    domain setting

    i got a problem about my domain, says,

    the problem is that is working...
    but is not connectable..

    may i know how to solve this? many thanks

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    As you said the site is loading fine. Nice site .

    I think it is a video streaming site.

    Please contact your hosting provider and confirm whether the server is running without any load and the database server is also working fine.

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    As the "www .YOURDOMAIN .com" works, but without the "www" it does not work, it sounds like you are missing a DNS record, or host header entry.

    To see if you are missing a DNS entry, you can use NSLookup in Command Prompt:

    nslookup www .YOURDOMAIN .com

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: www .YOURDOMAIN .com
    Address: <-- Returns an IP = Good
    nslookup YOURDOMAIN .com

    *** UnKnown can't find YOURDOMAIN .com: Non-existent domain <-- DNS Record does not exist = Bad

    If your NSLookup results match the example above, then this confirms you are missing a DNS record.

    To resolve this, you would need to add the root "@" DNS record and/or the asterisk "*" record, which would catch Anything.YOURDOMAIN .com, even if the record doesn't exist - sort of like a default or catch-all DNS record. You would need to do this either at your Name Server control panel or DNS server depening on your setup.

    However, if you ARE able to get an IP from "nslookup YOURDOMAIN .com", this means that it is NOT a DNS issue, and that your web server needs to be configured to listen for "yourdomain .com" as well as "www YOURDOMAIN .com". In IIS, you would go to the site's properties, and add the host header.

    Hope this helps!

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