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    * Cisco Help! Trying to produce Lantencies for Testing

    What I am trying to do is two controled tests.

    1) Introduce a 250ms latency on a network from a source IP only.

    2) Introduce a 5000ms latency on a network from a source IP only.

    Optionally I would go for introducing the latency to all inbound, outbound traffic without the source IP restriction.

    Network layout is as follows.

    Cisco ASA5550/VPN Module Firewall with two

    4506 switches behind it, one for Public VLAN one for Internal VLAN, multiple hosts connected to each switch both Windows and Linux.

    Is there a way to introduce these latencies for testing purposes by some sort of Firewall or switch configuration?

    I know I can use Cisco's NIST Net WAN emulation software but that is per host and would prefer to do this accross the entire network at one time.

    Any help on this would be greatly appeciated.
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    One way to stress test things is to flood udp packets in, lots of tiny udp packets and saturate the link and stress out device processors on any routers/firewalls, although this can be difficult if you have solid gear i.e. 4506

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