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    [FS] Complete Hosting Site - with WHMCS Integration and Domains

    I'm selling a host I recently started for personal reasons - I'm ill to be frank and don't want to deal with this added stress.

    The website is

    Here are our statistics. Remember that you're not bidding for the just the clients, you're getting the WHOLE website. The design alone cost me 100. We picked up 3 clients within the first week of hosting.

    Since we've only just started we don't have a positive nor negative reputation, it's like buying a brand new company.

    Monthly: 4.47GBP (3)
    Quarterly: 0.00GBP (0)
    Semi-Annually: 0.00GBP (0)
    Annually: 0.00GBP (0)
    Biennially: 0.00GBP (0)
    Est. Annual: 53.64GBP

    Website design with full reseller rights
    WHMCS Integrated and

    Starting Bid: 50
    BIN: 100

    Feel free to ask any questions, and place your bids here or through PM.
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    What are the plans, usage, expenses like?
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    Well, the design wouldn't had cost 100 euros.
    Anyways, what is the traffic and have you done some SEO ?
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    yes, same question, pls answer
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    We have agreed to the BIN pending a finalized agreement of the transfer.
    FiberPeer.Com | | REAL DDoS Protection | Cloud Hosting | VPS | Dedicated Servers | High Bandwidth Hosting | 1Gbps-10Gbps Unmetered
    FiberPeer DDoS Mitigation | ethProxy Upgraded! | 14-Years Experience | Emergency 24/7 Support
    Visit us @
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    Thank you for your interest everyone.
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