News headlines continue to forecast a rough road ahead from increasing cyber attacks. Whether attacks against web security systems involve identity theft, DDoS attacks, phishing schemes, or malware attacks little effort is needed to find startling headlines. Here are some gruesome facts…

  • “It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse,” says Litan. “I think this coming year will be more severe. A lot of the stolen data had been yet to be used.” (Website hacks — and identity theft — on the rise; USAToday by Byron Acohido; March 2009.)

  • According to Symantec’s State of Phishing Report for July 2009, “More than 143 Web hosting services were used in [Phishing attacks], which accounted for 10 percent of all phishing attacks; a staggering increase of 96 percent from the previous month with an overall 21 percent increase from the previous month in all phishing attacks.

  • The size of Google malware blacklist, which is used to mark sites with a “This site may harm your computer” annotation in their search results, exceeded 200,000 sites for the first time last week, reaching an all-time high of 229,980 today. (Dasient; “Web-Based Malware Attacks at an All-Time High”; May 27,2009)

  • A report from Arbor Networks found that Internet service providers spend a majority of their IT resources detecting and mitigating distributed denial-of-service attacks.

  • According to the Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, ISPs related that they not only saw an increase in the size of DDoS attacks, the attacks had strained their resources more. (ISPs Strained by DDoS Attacks; CNET News on November 11, 2008)

As a hosting provider, are you doing everything you can to protect your network and your customers from the rise in cyber attacks?
HostingCon 2009 features a number of educational sessions aimed at arming hosting providers with the latest technology, strategies and insight to battle cyber attacks. Sessions include:

  • Understand PCI / DSS Compliance standards and requirements
  • Learn how to Stop Web-based Malware Attacks
  • Discover how Security Researchers Run Web Servers
  • Explore the Next Generation in Email Security
  • Uncover New Advances in Continuous Data Protection Technology

Even for the worse of times when technology and security standards fall short of eliminating sophisticated cyber attacks, a session titled, “How to respond to legal threats to your business” will help you respond to subpoenas demanding volumes of information about your customers, threats to take you to court based on the information your clients give you, and how to develop strategies to proactively prevent law suits.
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