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    * Where can I find a dual core with ...

    Hello everyone, sorry for my English and I apologize if this is in wrong place.

    I would like to know where I can find a dual core, 16 GB and 32GB of RAM, the cheapest way possible.

    Many thanks to everyone and especially the forum.

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    Doesn't sound like a well balanced server. It's certainly doable, but what are you planning to run on it?
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    I will put many servers of diferents games, (a network of games ) and I need a lot of power, but also something cheap.

    What do you recommend?

    Thank you very much for the quick response

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    What kind of gaming application uses that much memory but that little CPU?

    How cheap is your budget? with that info we will know how feasible your request is. Thanks.

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    You'll need to bump up the CPU to quad xeon or your dual core will simply just bottleneck the system.

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    Right now I have a QuadCore server with 4 GB RAM; 20 servers in the machine (150 people per server playing) and I am doing very well.

    I need another more powerful machine with more RAM, the machine will now cost me $ 105 per month

    I would like a Core duo 16 Gb ram, o a QuadCore 16 GB ram.

    Thank you very much

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    Your best bet is an i7 server then, or a single 55xx series
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    Core Duo chipsets only (normally) support upto 8GB RAM. If you want 16Gb then you will be looking at 4GB DIMMS which are horrible expensive. As others have said go Quad Core Xeon or CoreI7
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    Go for i7... you will get it for not so expensive but just around 700 dollars!


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    Getting a Quad Core Xeon or a i7 will increase your cost a lot. Did you try maybe getting another second server rather than running all from the same server?

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    whats your budget ?

    you can get a lower end dualcore or quadcore optron with 16 gigs ram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2b2 View Post
    Core Duo chipsets only (normally) support upto 8GB RAM. If you want 16Gb then you will be looking at 4GB DIMMS which are horrible expensive. As others have said go Quad Core Xeon or CoreI7
    Gosh, I know. They are $200

    Sadly, I need to buy 4 of those (and 2 more at a later time).

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    Okey thanks for all, i'm going to purchase another machine i7.


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    yeh Francisco as I told you this is the easy solution without getting into too many problems and situation choose the easy way.... and I appreciate you for choosing the right option !

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    see offers section for webnx offers..
    also u can try
    for 100$ u can get i7 with 12 gb of ram....

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    Like others have stated.... 16 GB of RAM + Dual core = bottleneck.

    You will need to up your budget a bit, or lower your ram requirement. I personally would recommend getting a nice CPU now with the ability to add additional RAM as needed at a later date.

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    If you already have a server with a quadcore and 4GB of RAM. If you're wanting a beefier server, why not go for a dual quadcore with the 16gb of RAM? It seems to me like if you got just a dual core or quadcore with all that memory, you'd run out of CPU before you hit the maximum memory usage.
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