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    how i can register .au domains


    I need domain but i can`t register try several websites i try. They say i need Au company or foreign company but licensed to trade in AU. I have company bit i have no license to trade in AU. And a license is worth a lot of money and i need to wait up to 35 days. I need the domain name now 1-2 days and i do not wont to spend more than 40$ USA for 2 years. Is there any way i can register .au domain ?

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    No you cannot.

    I live in Australia and you need an ABN to sign up. Although I heard it's not hard signing up for an ABN.

    Check out the government's site for more information:

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    Please try PlanetDomain registrar for this. The constraint is there only for certain TLDs not for all .au domain names.

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