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    Databasepower / Symphony Applications Web Server and Customer Care Disaster

    I have just had to send the following email to Databasepower / Symphony Applications who are displaying considerable incompetence in running web servers and a total lack of response to faults and customer care. The email reads:
    "And now another 24 hours has passed and Databasepower / Symphony Applications or whoever you are have done absolutely nothing.

    "Surely it cannot take more than 2 days to respond to an email as well as its follow up. Or is this the level of service you guys are now offering and are happy with?

    "Surely it cannot take more than 2 days to do a simple fault rectification. Or do you not have the technical competences in place to manage a web server?

    "What are you doing?

    "And are you going to respond and fix the fault?"

    Their response, if any, will be interesting.

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    Reads like a puzzle.
    What domain do you have hosted with them, what problem happened, what were your actions etc?
    In other words, please give us more details.

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    The main domain is
    The email server went down. On 18 June I asked Databasepower to sort out the fault. Three weeks later on 6 July after several emails and telephone calls they restored email service by switching the server back on. During this time the web site was working fine, but I had to change all contact points and email addresses to another host who I could trust. This could not stop suppliers, contacts or customers from using the main email address and getting their messages chucked back at them.
    On 12 July I did a database update. Early on 14 July I found that the web site would not load into any browser. By mid-morning on 14 July we were getting server map path error messages. It took seven hours from my first alert for them to bring the server back up. But this was obviously from a pre 12 July backup - some 48 hours earlier.
    No problem I thought because I can reload the current data. No chance, because it is a FrontPage site and they have not reloaded the FP Extensions (don't all groan, but it is an advertised service that has been working for 12 years!).
    Therefore, I cannot get in through FrontPage to maintain the integrity of the site.
    Nor can I get into the section of the Databasepower web site that holds the user name, password, account details, billing information or statistics. It has been down since the beginning of the week, allegedly for maintenance.

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    I have now sent to Databasepower's Support, Sales and Billing people links to this thread and a previous one I created at .

    I wonder if this will generate a response?

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    Got to agree with everything said. They are bloody awful. Had a site down since yesterday morning and have decided to move it. The email for the site is still working but the database it connects to is down. Can't even get FTP access as somehow they have changed my login details. They are complete imbeciles. Had another site down since a week ago which i thanfully moved on Monday. Database Power were a decent company before they went under. This lot are the pits!

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    Yet another 24 hours has passed without any response from Databasepower.
    I still cannot get my account details from their web site's Control Panel.

    I took the trouble to read some of their Terms & Conditions documents.
    I see that the company ultimately responsible is Clarinet Systems Limited with Dr Tim Cooke and Stephen Scholefield in charge. They claim a total of 60 years experience in the industry. If all that 60 years was spent delivering the quality of service we are receiving from Databasepower I am surprised they are still in work. My customers would have left me long ago!

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